We partner with faith leaders to promote their role and leadership in the public policy arena for innovative projects that result in local community development, spiritual diversity and well-being. Our Faith and Justice feature projects are: People’s Police Academy, Jericho Task Force and Family Tele-Visitation Program. Read below for more info.

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Contact us at info@centerfornuleadership.org to learn more about our Faith and Justice program.

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People’s Police Academy (PPA)

Initiated by faith leadership of the NYC Clergy Roundtable, People’s Police Academy (PPA) is a community-led initiative that is the first and only model in which civilian community experts (i.e., without any NYPD co-facilitation) train NYPD officers in a formal setting. To learn more, click here.

Jericho Task Force

Initiated in partnership with the Greater Works Deliverance Church (GWDC), Jericho Task Force was formed to mobilize, organize and train clergy leaders around issues of violence, crime and race in the Black community and prepare them to be effective advocates in the policy and social service arenas. The Jericho Task Force (JTF) has taken the initiative to convene clergy from across the borough in an effort to address the root causes of violence and crime. The JTF provides training on community organizing, mobilization and empowerment, security protocols, public safety techniques and communication skills.

Family Tele-Visitation Program

Initiated in partnership with the Greater Works Deliverance Church (GWDC), tele-visitation program allows JTF network church members to visit with their loved ones currently incarcerated in designated NYS correctional facilities through face-to-face visits via tele-conferencing. The purpose of this program is to preserve and maintain contact with family members to reduce family disruption and separation. Support family and community relationships are the building blocks of society and should be the starting point for any effort to restore balance, safety and harmony in community.