We Elevate Human Justice

Human Justice is rooted in the idea that every person has the right to live in a healthy and vibrant community, where each person is safe, thriving and able to reach their full human potential. 

We use this framework to transform law enforcement and the courts to be accountable to all our youth and communities. We use human instead of criminal as a starting point to emphasize each of our full humanity and potential.

When we achieve human justice we will see community investment and well-being along with healing and accountability for everyone including for the institutions that work in our communities such as law enforcement and the courts.


Our Theory of Change

Staffed by youth and community leaders directly impacted by mass incarceration, CNUS engages in youth and community empowerment to hold decision makers accountable, change systems and bring about the individual transformation of youth and community members. We believe this three-part approach will help us achieve our vision of Human Justice.
Community Empowerment: We believe community members are best placed to know what resources and programs they need to improve their neighborhoods and must be able to participate meaningfully and equitably in decision making that affects their daily lives. 

CNUS empowers community members by listening to their needs, partnering with them to create change and lifting up their voices to decision makers. We focus on education, economic development, civic engagement and social services. 


System Change: Our criminal justice system is broken by design. The current law enforcement and court system disproportionately pushes many of our youth and community members into prison and jails. The current system does not keep us safe, believe in our humanity or support our full human potential.

CNUS works toward system change and elevates Human Justice to transform the practice of public safety, justice and accountability from criminal to human. We hold accountable the institutions and decision makers that run the current criminal punishment system and analyze data, measure impact and forge community partnerships with decision makers. 


Individual Transformation: Individual transformation places the person—the human being—at the center of any policy, practice or program that results in a youth or community member’s ability to be safe, thrive and fulfill their potential.

CNUS carries out programs and activities that create space for individual transformation and enable youth and community members to bring their full selves to the work of community empowerment and system change.