From Criminal Justice to Human Justice Campaign is our ten-year campaign banner to introduce and demonstrate Human Justice in action, in the now!

Coined and introduced by the Center for NuLeadership on Urban Solutions (CNUS) in 2012, Human Justice is an outcome driven philosophy and instructive call to action for de-carceration. At CNUS, we practice Human Justice as a more effective, legitimate and authentic praxis for achieving justice, safety and well-being of communities.  It is designed to facilitate the redirecting of human and financial resources away from punishment oriented systems and policies towards more effective and sustainable solutions for socio-economic equality and development for neighborhoods hardest hit by mass incarceration. In other words, Human Justice is about focusing on developing infrastructure for community development and human investment as a foundational pathway to achieving public safety and health. 

The philosophy of Human Justice is created by uniting and integrating the basic principles of international human rights onto a platform for facilitating human development theory, methods and practice: Human Rights + Human Development = Human Justice.

Our main objectives over the next few years is to a) develop a communications strategy for promoting Human Justice as a concept and practice; b) develop policy benchmarks and programs that will implement community development mechanisms and objectives; c) develop a corps of Human Justice thought leaders through Human Justice Institute to provide bold leadership in the areas of research, policy and program development to end mass incarceration; and d) establish a Eddie Ellis Human Justice Village Fund to fund projects and initiatives that advance the praxis of Human Justice.

Our feature campaigns to demonstrate how we work to shift our practice “from criminal justice to Human justice” are highlighted here and include Language Letter Campaign, Bed-Stuy Human Justice Initiative and People's Police Academy.