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Cory Greene, Community Research and Training Manager

Pronoun: He/Him/They/Us/We

Healing is not a destination but a process of many journeys.
— Cory Greene

Cory Greene is Community Research and Training Manager with the Center for NuLeadership on Urban Solutions, an independent research, training and advocacy think tank that applies Human Justice to achieve public safety, racial equity, community investment, human development and well-being in society.. Founded and developed by academic professionals with prior experience within the criminal punishment system, the organization is the first of its kind in the country.

Born and raised in East Elmhurst/Corona Queens, New York, Cory Greene is a scholar-activist with a passion for both theory and practice. His experiences as a youth growing up in urban America have contributed to his understanding of the systemic inequalities that exist in under-served communities. As a result, he has committed himself to a wide range of educational projects, advocacy and activism that seek to change existing conditions for youth of color.

Cory spent seven years in prison, from age 21-28. During that time, he was part of a collective who shared and examined their collective experiences as youth in inner city communities in an effort to better understand those experiences and to develop a viable theory of social change based upon them. The work of the collective culminated in “How Our Lives Linked Altogether!” (H.O.L.L.A!), an award winning youth leadership and healing program that secured the prestigious Echoing Green Fellowship in 2016. Cory presently serves as a lead organizer of H.O.L.L.A!.

Upon release from prison, Cory enrolled in LaGuardia Community College to study American Sign Language and support the Deaf community. When he graduated from LaGuardia he transferred to New York University, where two years later he received a Bachelor of Science degree from the Applied Psychology Program. After completing his studies at NYU, Cory enrolled in graduate school. He is currently a fourth year doctoral candidate in Critical Social Personality Psychology at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York (CUNY). Cory’s academic research, personal and prison experiences intersect at the consequences of poverty, race and class disparities in the education and criminal punishment systems, born out of the implementation of racist public policy. Cory has served as a research associate on numerous participatory action research (PAR) projects with Michelle Fine at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York (CUNY), designed youth focused curricula, served as an adjunct instructor at LaGuardia Community College, participated as an investigator on research studies at New York University, and taught a course for 8th graders on critical consciousness at the intersection of race and education in America. His education, however, has not halted at the academic level but has also extended itself into the community. 

As a Healing Justice Organizer with H.O.L.L.A!'s Youth Organizing Collective, Cory is currently invested in developing and supporting the development of an inter-generational youth led city wide Healing Justice Movement. 

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