K. Bain, Senior Community Development Advisor

Pronoun: He/Him

We are and So I am.
— K Bain

K Bain is Senior Community Development Advisor with the Center for NuLeadership on Urban Solutions, an independent research, training and advocacy think tank that applies Human Justice to achieve public safety, racial equity, community investment, human development and well-being in society.. Founded and developed by academic professionals with prior experience within the criminal punishment system, the organization is the first of its kind in the country.

No stranger to struggle, K. Bain was born to proud working class parents who immigrated from Trinidad to Brooklyn, New York. Raised mainly in a single parent home with three brothers, K’s mother encouraged her sons to focus on education as a path towards social mobility and self-determination. Although he demonstrated the ability to excel in academics early on, K's attention shifted from school to the streets after he was misplaced in unchallenging classes and told by his high school principal that he would be "dead or in jail" before he was 20 years old.

Each of K’s three brothers faced conviction for a range of charges from criminal mischief to grand larceny and attempted murder with a deadly weapon. From these experiences, to losing close friends and family to drugs and violence in the streets, K was ultimately inspired to transition from being part of the problem to becoming part of the solution.

K. Bain is currently the founding Program Director for the 696 Build Queensbridge Cure Violence Initiative at the Jacob A. Riis Neighborhood Settlement, Inc. He was previously the New York City Director of legislation and budget affairs for the 45th Council member district in Brooklyn since 2010. His role included duties such as participating in the balancing of New York City’s 70-billion-dollar annual budget, as well as direct oversight of a multi-million-dollar member item budget. K has also been instrumental in the drafting, development and enactment of numerous pieces of legislation, most recently the Community Safety Act. This is a landmark legislation originally consisting of five bills aimed at increasing police accountability, creating better community police relations and safer streets. Both intro 1079 referred to as the oversight bill (creating an inspector general position to monitor the NYPD) and intro 1080 (stop question and frisk bill), which addresses biased based policing were signed into law November 20th 2013.

In addition, K. Bain's life as a restaurateur, his passion for the arts, social entrepreneurship and music, all help situate his work around Human Justice and community development which remain at the forefront of his priorities. Whether working with at risk or incarcerated youth or students in universities K. Bain is committed to serving the many who find themselves faced with systemic obstacles that obstruct the growth and development of our most underserved communities.

K has maintained a community-minded code that he lives by to this day: “We are and So I am."   K has become a true catalyst for change who rhymes in his own prophetic words: "Coal under pressure makes diamonds. It's all about refinement!" We are and so I am. This is about a unity that is inclusive of the community at large.